Home for the Holidays

The top 5 ways you can make your home ready for the holidays

By SaleCore20

Staying home for the holidays can be a very heart-warming time, filling your home with memories that will last for years, especially when hosting guests. However, the added task of preparing your home for this special time can be stressful, particularly when the days leading up to the holidays are already very busy. We offer these 5 tips for you to make your home ready for the holidays.


Everyone knows that you give your home a good clean before the holidays, but for me, I like to do something different. De-cluttering. From closets to toy chests, I love to get rid of all the unwanted stuff we all seem to accumulate.

In a sense, de-cluttering your home is cleaning it, removing the unwanted is as good for giving a sense of renewal as a deep clean. In fact, a room that is de-cluttered gives a more spacious feel that looks cleaner even if it is not. I get a profound sense of satisfaction from decluttering, definitely something to do yourself.

Clean it and forget it

Cleaning is still important of course, especially things that don’t always get the attention they need throughout the year. From windows and light fittings to your outdoor space, a good clean now means you can sit back and relax during the holidays without worry.

For me, the areas to concentrate on are:

  • Wash windows
  • Wash curtains
  • Deep clean the kitchen
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned
  • Touch-up walls with paint

Prepare your kitchen

The heart of the home, your kitchen is used even more often during the holidays, from baking to cooking those special meals. So, it makes sense to tackle it early and get everything ready for the holidays. For me, that means clearing out drawers and cupboards, giving every appliance and kitchen gadget I have a thorough clean, so everything is fresh and ready for the busy holidays.

This year, I’ve gone farther, I bought a kitchen table from Craigslist, and this weekend we are giving it a fresh coat of paint. It will be our centerpiece for the holiday celebrations, giving the whole kitchen a fresh new look. Getting everything ready beforehand means when the guests start arriving, its all taken care if. It’s a lot less stressful this way, and it doesn’t take long, so give it a try.

Add a festive touch

Decorating for the holidays is something we all love to do, but don’t leave it to the last minute. Once the holiday season is upon us, there is so much to do that decorating becomes a chore to fit in among a million other things. Instead, get it done early, before panic sets in. Then you can enjoy it, have fun and take it easy. I like to get things started just after Thanksgiving Day, and while I often get asked why, when I haven’t got to rush around at the last minute, I always know I made the right choice.

Stock up on essentials

If you are having guests stay at your home over the holidays, remember to stock up on the essentials. By that, I mean things that everyone needs, like paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and toothpaste. Your guests may bring their own, but it never hurts to have everything handy if it is needed.

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